Apps that have been built with FormBeaver without any code



Invoicing app

Full-featured invoicing app that can track payments and automatically change the invoice status based on the invoice balance (e.g. due payment, paid, overdue).

  • Clients management;
  • Invoices management;
  • Products catalog with default prices for invoiceable items;
  • Payments tracking;
  • Invoice balances and tracking of overdue invoices;

The entire app was built from scratch in just a few hours.

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Project management app

This demo shows how apps can have different levels of access for different user roles. Each role has its own unique workflow and forms.

There are two user roles:

  • Managers can assign projects to the Freelancers and track their progress;
  • Freelancers can view the projects assigned to them and update their progress;

Note: This is a mini demo and not a real project management app - the number of forms and fields has been kept to a minimum as the goal is to simply show how zones work.

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Loan calculator form

This form calculates the monthly loan payment and generates a monthly payment schedule using the Equal Monthly Installment (EMI) method.

The form is fully interactive and the payment schedule is updated automatically when the loan parameters are changed.

This functionality was created using visual scripting with math formulas without writing any code.

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Embedding an app in a website

FormBeaver has built-in support for native web components, which means that all forms and apps built can be embedded directly in any web page. No iframes needed.

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Headless CMS (for developers)

A headless CMS (content management system) can act as a data repository and provide any content to be displayed on any device.

Each FormBeaver app can be used as such headless CMS for your website or app thanks to the automatically created database API.

For the backend you can design your forms, while on the frontend the data is retrieve using the JSON API.

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