Build and host custom software without the hassle. Batteries included

Visual software builder

Build apps without writing code

  • Drag-and-drop App Builder

    The visual App Builder lets you create a database and design a web interface (forms) around it without writing any code. The App Builder works in all modern web browsers.

  • Unlimited number of forms

    Design forms to collect, store and display any data. Forms can automatically save and load their data in your database.
    Connect an unlimited number of forms into a seamless workflow.

  • User permissions

    Specify who is allowed to access individual forms to represent different user roles in your app (e.g. employee, contractor, admin, guest, manager). This gives you fine-grained control over what each user can see and do in your app.

  • Visual scripting

    Automate tasks in your forms and create complex user interaction without writing any code.
    For example: use math formulas to compute values or conditionally show/hide elements in the form.

  • Data validation

    Create validation rules to ensure all data meets predefined requirements and show helpful messages to users when some some criteria isn't met.

  • Developer API

    Write JavaScript code to modify your forms for even more flexibility when visual scripting alone is not enough.

See it in action

Video (3:00)

Build a form that creates new projects in a project management app

Video (2:30)

Create a counter and 2 buttons to change its value using only visual scripting

Try it yourself: Open the App Builder Demo and create a basic contact management app in just a few minutes.

Host apps instantly

  • Self-hosting made easy

    FormBeaver is fully automated and can instantly host your apps on your machine - run it on shared hosting, virtual or dedicated servers or even locally without any server.

  • Managed hosting

    Alternatively host your apps on our managed cloud and combine the convenience of the cloud with the flexibility of custom-built software: Build your apps without writing code and host them instantly without managing any infrastructure.

  • Hassle-free updates

    Need to modify a hosted app? Simply make the changes in the App Builder and load the new file in the runtime. FormBeaver automatically handles database migrations so you can easily push updates and rollback changes to your apps.

Integrate apps with other software

  • Embed forms in any website

    Embed individual forms or an entire app in any web page using zero-config web components. No iframes or programming necessary.

  • Database API

    Programatically access hosted apps in websites (via AJAX) and other third-party software using an auto-generated JSON API.

Use cases

FormBeaver is a versatile software builder with wide range of uses:

  • Personal use
    • Build apps to manage personal projects, hobbies, family budgets or anything else.
    • Create forms to let your family members, relatives and friends use your app.
    • Complete privacy - your data and your app is always under your full control.
    • Host your apps on your private cloud so you can access from anywhere.
  • Small and large businesses
    • Quickly build small supporting apps around your primary software solutions (e.g. to make surveys).
    • Build large applications that can effortlessly handle virtually all business data and processes (e.g. customer relations, products, inventory, invoicing, tasks, projects).
    • Integrate your app with your company website. For example pull and display information for a product catalog directly from your app used internally in your organization.
  • Consulting agencies / developers
    • Build custom apps for your clients fast - go from an idea to a functional app that you can demo in a matter of hours.
    • Simultaneously build, host and maintain a large number of different apps for your large number of clients. The automated Runtime lets you effortlessly push updates and customize individual applications based on the specific needs of individual customers.
    • Integrate client apps with their company website.
  • Education
    • Introduce students to web development by building useful web applications - FormBeaver is very beginner-friendly.
    • Use the visual scripting capabilities in FormBeaver to introduce basic programming concepts and then gradually move to writing JavaScript - all in the same app.
    • The App Builder is completely free and doesn't require complex infrastructure or servers to run - simply download on a computer and run it.

See FormBeaver in action

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